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Allahabad Bank Branches in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal11635 views

Bank type:   Public Sector Banks

Also Known as: Not Specified

Founded: Not Specified

Contact: Not Specified

Fax: Not Specified


Working hours: Not Specified

Official Website:

Net Banking:


Toll-free Number: 1800-220-363     Customer Care: Not Specified

About Allahabad Bank:

Allahabad Bank has below branches in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal state. You can click on below branches to find out Allahabad Bank branch details of Allahabad Bank Purba Medinipur, West Bengal. You can also find bank branches, branch locations, bank contact info, IFSC codes, MICR codes, Swift codes of Allahabad Bank in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal state.

Allahabad Bank has following 21 branch(es) in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal

No. Branch State IFSC Code

Allahabad Bank, Annapurna Branch, Annapurna

West Bengal ALLA0211492

Allahabad Bank, Jahanabad Branch, Bansgora

West Bengal ALLA0212811

Allahabad Bank, Burarihat Branch, Burarihat

West Bengal ALLA0211447

Allahabad Bank, Chaipur Bazar Branch, Chaipura Bazar

West Bengal ALLA0211495

Allahabad Bank, Chiranjibpur Branch, Chiranjibpur

West Bengal ALLA0211243

Allahabad Bank, Chowkhali Branch, Chowkhali

West Bengal ALLA0211493

Allahabad Bank, Dakshin Kalamdan Branch, Dakshin Kalamdan

West Bengal ALLA0211846

Allahabad Bank, Dholmari Branch, Dholmari

West Bengal ALLA0211098

Allahabad Bank, Egra Branch, Egra

West Bengal ALLA0212824

Allahabad Bank, Haldia Branch, Haldia

West Bengal ALLA0210546

Allahabad Bank, Haldia Basudevpur Branch, Haldia

West Bengal ALLA0211910

Allahabad Bank, Illaspur Branch, Illaspur

West Bengal ALLA0211565

Allahabad Bank, Bidyapith (ajanbari) Branch, Khejuri

West Bengal ALLA0211579

Allahabad Bank, Kolaghat Branch, Kolaghat

West Bengal ALLA0210539

Allahabad Bank, Bardabar Branch, Kolaghat

West Bengal ALLA0213349

Allahabad Bank, Kumarganj Branch, Kumarganj

West Bengal ALLA0211221

Allahabad Bank, Paramanandpur Branch, Moyna

West Bengal ALLA0212810

Allahabad Bank, Gopalpur Branch, Purba Midnapore

West Bengal ALLA0211185

Allahabad Bank, Sitalpur Branch, Sitalpur

West Bengal ALLA0211410

Allahabad Bank, Manicktala Branch, Tamluk

West Bengal ALLA0211831

Allahabad Bank, Terapakhia Branch, Tarapakhia

West Bengal ALLA0210886

Allahabad Bank Products and Services:

Allahabad Bank provides banking products and services as follows
Not Specified

Allahabad Bank Videos

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More Info

Key People: Not Specified

Head Office: Kolkata, West Bengal

Number of Employees: Not Specified

Assets (Rs.): Not Specified

Revenue (Rs.): Not Specified

Net Income (Rs.): Not Specified

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