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Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank
Branch Name Jait
Branch Code : 001207
Contact Person : Not Specified
IFSC Code: IOBA0001207
Swift Code : Not Specified
Address : Mathura Delhi Highway, Jait, Pincode: 281402
City : Jait
District Mathura
State Uttar Pradesh
Email :
Contact : (0565) 825289, Email:
Toll-free Number : 18004254445
Customer Care : Not Specified
Official Website

Indian Overseas Bank, Jait branch is located at Jait in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. IFSC Code of Indian Overseas Bank, Jait branch, Jait is IOBA0001207. The MICR Code of Indian Overseas Bank, Jait branch, Jait is NON-MICR. The SWIFT Code of Indian Overseas Bank, Jait branch, Jait is Not Specified. You can contact Indian Overseas Bank, Jait branch, Jait by email or by phone.

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Indian Overseas Bank Branches near Jait, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

No. Branch State IFSC Code

Civil Lines, Mathura Branch, Mathura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002158

Koshikhurd Branch, Koshikhurd

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0001103

Yug Nirman Tapobhoomi Branch, Mathura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0001441

Gla Engineering College, Ajhai (mathura District) Branch, Ajhai

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0001999

Raya Branch, Mathura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002596

Fogla Ashram - Vrindavan, Mathura Branch, Vrindavan

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002157

Vrindavan Branch, Vrindavan

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000443

Govardhan Branch, Goverdhan

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002697

Farah Branch, Farah

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002611

Veterinary College, Mathura Branch, Mathura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0001475

Aring Branch, Aring

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000514

Gokul Branch, Gokul

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0002613

Mathura Branch, Mathura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000372

Nagaura Branch, Nagaura

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000984

Barari Branch, Barari

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000472

Mahaban Branch, Mahaban

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0000605

Hasanpur Branch, Hasanpur

Uttar Pradesh IOBA0001146


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