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Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Branch Name Kaptanganj Varanasi
Branch Code : Not Specified
Contact Person : Not Specified
IFSC Code: PUNB0876600
Swift Code : Not Specified
Address : Subhangi Health Care Centre Kaptanganj Dist Azamgarh Up Azamg 276304
City : Azamgarh
District Azamgarh
State Uttar Pradesh
Email : Queries related to Dividends, Mututal Fund: Queries Related to Follow on Public Offer: Queries Related to Retail Internet Banking: Queries Related to Corporate Internet Banking:
Contact : 9839986644
Toll-free Number : Not Specified
Customer Care : 1 800 180 222223753373 (Chief- FPMD)
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Punjab National Bank, Kaptanganj Varanasi branch is located at Azamgarh in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. IFSC Code of Punjab National Bank, Kaptanganj Varanasi branch, Azamgarh is PUNB0876600. The MICR Code of Punjab National Bank, Kaptanganj Varanasi branch, Azamgarh is WAITING. The SWIFT Code of Punjab National Bank, Kaptanganj Varanasi branch, Azamgarh is Not Specified. You can contact Punjab National Bank, Kaptanganj Varanasi branch, Azamgarh by email or by phone.

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Punjab National Bank Branches near Azamgarh, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

No. Branch State IFSC Code

Lalganj Up Branch, Lalganj

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0673400

Gahaji Branch, Gahaji

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0279400

Meghna Saidullapur Branch, Azamgarh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0279500

Mehnajpur Branch, Mehnajpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0992500

Ranipur Rajmo Branch, Bindra Bazar

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0876700

Jairajpur Branch, Jairajpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0157400

Azamgarh Branch, Azamgarh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0050400

Azamgarh, Sadawarti Chowk, C/chest Branch, Azamgarh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0715900

Ksetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram Branch, Azamgarh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0458100

Pahalwan Pur Branch, Pahalwanpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0275500

Azamgarh, Heerapatti Branch, Azamgarh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0476100

Khazoori Branch, Khajuri

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0275000

Phoolpur Azamgarh Branch, Phulpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0673500

Thekma Branch, Thekma

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0468800


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