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State Bank of India Branches in Dibrugarh, Assam10832 views

Bank type:   Public Sector - SBI and associate banks

Also Known as: Not Specified

Founded: Not Specified

Contact: Not Specified

Fax: Not Specified


Working hours: Not Specified

Official Website:

Net Banking:


Toll-free Number: 18004253800, 1800112211, 1800 425 3800, Tel : (022) 22029456     Customer Care: Not Specified

About State Bank of India:

State Bank of India has below branches in Dibrugarh district of Assam state. You can click on below branches to find out State Bank of India branch details of State Bank of India Dibrugarh, Assam. You can also find bank branches, branch locations, bank contact info, IFSC codes, MICR codes, Swift codes of State Bank of India in Dibrugarh district of Assam state.

State Bank of India has following 32 branch(es) in Dibrugarh district of Assam

No. Branch State IFSC Code

State Bank of India, Lepetkota Branch, Barbaruah

Assam SBIN0012261

State Bank of India, A F S Chabua Branch, Chabua

Assam SBIN0007426

State Bank of India, Chabua Branch, Chabua

Assam SBIN0011796

State Bank of India, Chowkidinghee Branch, Chowkidinghee

Assam SBIN0012263

State Bank of India, Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0000071

State Bank of India, Dibrugarh University Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0002051

State Bank of India, Assam Medical Collage, Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0010672

State Bank of India, Rasmeccc+sarc, Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0010679

State Bank of India, Bakulani Chariali Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0009143

State Bank of India, Dinjan Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0007123

State Bank of India, Regional Business Office, Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0004265

State Bank of India, Dibrugarh Bazar Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0012978

State Bank of India, Rcpc Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0014021

State Bank of India, Sbiintouch, Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0019129

State Bank of India, Paltan Bazar Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0018746

State Bank of India, Rajgarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0018511

State Bank of India, Lahowal Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0018510

State Bank of India, Rbo Ii Dibrugarh Branch, Dibrugarh

Assam SBIN0017076

State Bank of India, Duliajan Branch, Duliajan

Assam SBIN0002053

State Bank of India, Duliajan Bazar Branch, Duliajan

Assam SBIN0017665

State Bank of India, Gabharupathar Branch, Gabharupathar

Assam SBIN0008989

State Bank of India, Kotoha Branch, Kotoha

Assam SBIN0008990

State Bank of India, Lezai Branch, Lezai

Assam SBIN0009579

State Bank of India, Moran Branch, Moran

Assam SBIN0007368

State Bank of India, Naharkatia Branch, Naharkatia

Assam SBIN0010761

State Bank of India, Namrup Branch, Namrup

Assam SBIN0000223

State Bank of India, Namrup Thermal Power Project Branch, Namrup

Assam SBIN0003402

State Bank of India, Khowang Ghat Branch, Rural

Assam SBIN0014789

State Bank of India, Tengakhat Branch, Tengakhat

Assam SBIN0014181

State Bank of India, Tiloinagar Branch, Tiloinagar

Assam SBIN0008992

State Bank of India, Tingkhong Branch, Tingkhong

Assam SBIN0007327

State Bank of India, Pbb, Dibrugarh Branch, Urban

Assam SBIN0015462

State Bank of India Products and Services:

State Bank of India provides banking products and services as follows
Not Specified

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More Info

Key People: Not Specified

Head Office: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Number of Employees: Not Specified

Assets (Rs.): Not Specified

Revenue (Rs.): Not Specified

Net Income (Rs.): Not Specified

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