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IFSC Code: PUNB0314200
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Branch Name Saltauwa Branch
MICR Code : 272024063
Address : Vpo Saltauwa Distt Basti Up 272190
City : Saltavwa
District Basti
State Uttar Pradesh

The IFSC code of Punjab National Bank Saltauwa branch, Saltavwa is PUNB0314200. This branch is located at Saltavwa in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. The IFSC code PUNB0314200 is used to transfer fund electronically using RTGS, NEFT between Punjab National Bank Saltauwa branch, Saltavwa and other participating branches in India.

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Nearby Punjab National Bank IFSC Codes

No. Branch State IFSC Code

Bhiria Rituraj Branch, Bhiria Rituraj

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0248000

Jamdashahi Branch, Jamda Shahi

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0248300

Rudhauli Kalan Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0851600

Kums Basti Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0652500

Lakshmanpur Branch, Laxmanpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0215500

Bikram Jot Cantt Branch, Bikramjot

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0124800

Currency Chest, Gandhi Nagar, Basti Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0702600

Amora Khas Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0880900

Saun Ghat Branch, Saunghat

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0314300

Hatwa Bazar Branch, Hatwa Bazar

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0161200

Pachbas Branch, Pachbas

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0248200

Tusail Branch, Tusayal

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0228300

Gopinathpur Branch, Gopinathpur

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0211500

Basti, Gandhi Nagar Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0058700

Fetawa Branch, Fetawa

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0247900

Dco Basti Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0910400

Ramnagar Branch, Ramnagar

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0176400

Basti St Basils High School Branch, Basti

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0628000

Kathotia Saundeeh Branch, Kathautia Saundeeh

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0227900

Kalwari Branch, Kalwari

Uttar Pradesh PUNB0079800


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