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Central Bank of India Branches in Ahmedabad, Gujarat6025 views

Bank type:   Public Sector Banks

Also Known as: Not Specified

Founded: Not Specified

Contact: Not Specified

Fax: Not Specified


Working hours: Not Specified

Official Website:

Net Banking:


Toll-free Number: Not Specified     Customer Care: Toll Free Numeber: 1800222368, 1800221622

About Central Bank of India:

Central Bank of India has below branches in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat state. You can click on below branches to find out Central Bank of India branch details of Central Bank of India Ahmedabad, Gujarat. You can also find bank branches, branch locations, bank contact info, IFSC codes, MICR codes, Swift codes of Central Bank of India in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat state.

Central Bank of India has following 33 branch(es) in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat

No. Branch State IFSC Code

Central Bank of India, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280540

Central Bank of India, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280541

Central Bank of India, Shahpur Rd., Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280542

Central Bank of India, Paldi, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280543

Central Bank of India, Kankaria, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280545

Central Bank of India, Laldarwaja Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280546

Central Bank of India, Ahmedabad (gandhi Road) Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280547

Central Bank of India, Navawadaj, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280548

Central Bank of India, Khokhra Mehmedabad, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280549

Central Bank of India, Maskati Market, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280550

Central Bank of India, Raipur Chakla, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280551

Central Bank of India, Relief Rd. Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280552

Central Bank of India, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280553

Central Bank of India, St.xaviers School Road, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280554

Central Bank of India, Sahijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280555

Central Bank of India, Maninagar, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281235

Central Bank of India, H.l.commerce College Area, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281389

Central Bank of India, Naranpura, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281404

Central Bank of India, Bhudarpura, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281445

Central Bank of India, Vasna, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281463

Central Bank of India, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281629

Central Bank of India, Surendra Mangaldas Road, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281661

Central Bank of India, Chamanpura, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282047

Central Bank of India, Gujarat Law Society Area, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282261

Central Bank of India, Drive In Cinema Road Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282268

Central Bank of India, Nbo, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282329

Central Bank of India, Vejalpur Road, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282722

Central Bank of India, Sola Road, Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0282784

Central Bank of India, Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Branch Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0283183

Central Bank of India, Gheekanta Rd.ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0280544

Central Bank of India, Rakhial Rd. Ahmedabad Branch, Ahmedabad

Gujarat CBIN0281192

Central Bank of India, Jagatpur Godrej Branch, Jagatpur

Gujarat CBIN0284991

Central Bank of India, Sarkhej Branch, Sarkhej

Gujarat CBIN0283554

Central Bank of India Products and Services:

Central Bank of India provides banking products and services as follows
Not Specified

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Key People: Not Specified

Head Office:

Number of Employees: Not Specified

Assets (Rs.): Not Specified

Revenue (Rs.): Not Specified

Net Income (Rs.): Not Specified

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